Who are we?

Posted by Hannah Smith on

I am sitting here wondering what I should make my first blog post about, hubby is asking me a million questions, Arch is shoving his Skylander portal in my face, the cat is scratching at the door for dinner and baby Vee is in bed trying to plan her escape. It feels like that is where I should start! Us! Hello! If you follow the behind the scenes squares of our lives and business on Instagram (@cookies_and_scream) you will already know allot about the family behind Cookies + Scream. I am Hannah, the Head Genius and General Boss of biz and fam. Just kidding, Archie ranks us by head size so apparently Daddy is the boss of everyone.

Robert and I are still trying to work out how two average looking people managed to make such beautiful little kids, Our brown eyed quirky and kind Archie and our Blue eyed feisty and smiley baby Vee. There is a little bit of one family member or another in each and every piece in the store, I need not look any further than my own home for inspiration to create. Even the business name, it is 100% A-man. When I started this venture he was going through a stage Im sure all mothers of 2 year olds would know, the GIVE ME THE COOKIE OR I WILL SCREAM UNTIL YOU DO stage. Every. single. morning for longer than I care to recall.

Running Cookies and Scream at times means allot of sacrifice from all of us because there aren't enough hours in any day but it is a creative outlet that I now realise I was missing my whole life. Kids Fashion you complete me.  Before kids I worked in Accounts, I wore heels every day! I can't even imagine going back to that life. I implore anyone who entertains the idea of taking the leap into the unknown, of chasing a dream that seems a million miles away to do it! YOLO! We have big plans for the business this year and would love to thank you all for helping us on this journey! When you buy from our store know that your support means the world, and every order is a helping hand in the right direction.  




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